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What is Electroless Nickel?

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Electroless Nickel coatings are extremely uniform regardless of the parts geometry, it provides exceptional wear resistance, lubricity, hardness and corrosion resistance to a broad range of base materials, including non-conductors. These unique properties of the coating are achieved non-electrically through metal ion exchange by chemical reduction in a hot aqueous solution. The resulting alloy is principally composed of nickel and phosphorous. The properties of EN coatings allow the use of alternative materials to effect economies with increased corrosion and wear resistance.


About The Process!

The steadily increasing use of electroless nickel plating can be attributed to marked improvements in solution stability, pretreatment cycles, reducing agents and the equipment used.
One of the major characteristics making its use more prevalent is the ability of the process to provide uniform thickness deposits in deep recesses, bores and blind holes. Other characteristics are: excellent corrosion, wear and abrasion resistance, ductility, lubricity, solderability, electrical conductivity and hardness.

How it is Done!

"Electroless Nickel" is a generic term describing the deposition of an alloy composed principally of nickel and phosphorous. Deposition of the alloy is achieved by chemical reduction. The process is nonelectrolytic.
Reduction of the nickel alloy occurs during immersion of an activated surface into a hot aqueous solution.

Since inception of the Shuttle Program Wear-Cote Electroless Nickel is used in various ignition and mechanical systems.

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